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Committee for the Campus Environment

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Committee on the Campus Environment (CCE)

The Committee on the Campus Environment was organized as a standing committee at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) in August 1999.

According to its mission statement as revised in Fall 2009: The mission of the Committee on the Campus Environment is to promote environmental sustainability at UTK, including but not limited to promoting reductions in the University's carbon emissions, other pollutants, waste, and the consumption of resources. To fulfill its mission, the Committee will provide advice and initiate actions to

  1. improve the environmental sustainability of the UTK campus, and
  2. increase the University community's awareness and knowledge of environmental sustainability.

In this context, the term "UTK campus" includes the agricultural as well as the main campus, and the term "physical environment" includes the built as well as the natural environment. The committee will include as part of its deliberations the relationship of UTK to the larger physical community in which it is situated.

Members of the Committee are appointed by the UTK Chancellor. To aid its deliberations, the Committee may on its own initiative form task forces and work groups, whose members may include—in addition to Committee members—other students, faculty, and staff at UTK as well as non-UTK members. All recommendations to the Administration are made by the Committee.

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Chair: John Nolt, Professor, Philosophy Department, UTK,